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Doctors Recommend You Spiriva

Submitted by • May 13, 2013

Spiriva contains 18 µg tiotropium as its active ingredients. The formulation is a potent substance classified as bronchodilators, which performs relaxing action to bronchial muscles to help patients with COPD breathe easier and better.

Mebendazole, You Don’t Worth It

Submitted by • May 7, 2013

Mebendazole contains mebendazole as its active ingredient, a potent formula in annihilating the existence of worm in the body. Mebendazole substance works by preventing the worm from absorbing sugar, an essential component of its survival. Without sugar (glucose), worms become ...


Submitted by • July 29, 2012

Nootropil’s active ingredient, Piracetam acts as a memory booster by increasing the efficiency of the telencephalon, an area of the brain involved in the cognition processes, memory and learning.


Submitted by • July 18, 2012

Unlike other hyaluronate viscosupplements that was extracted from rooster combs, Orthovisc derived its substance from bacterial cells (a non-avian source). Those who are allergic to avian products (poultry, eggs, feathers and the like) do not need to worry of possible ...


Submitted by • June 26, 2012

Osteoarthritis is a condition that affects the joints because of the abnormal functioning of the synovial fluid responsible in its lubrication. The possible cause of which is the poor viscosity and elasticity of the synovial fluid that decreases its normal ...