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How Field Sobriety Tests May Affect Your Case

How Field Sobriety Tests May Affect Your Case

Submitted by • September 12, 2012

The most frequently used field sobriety tests are the Walk and Turn, the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus and the One Leg Stand. Like the Walk and Turn, the One-Legged Stand is split between the direction phase and the balance and counting stage. During the instructions, the subject is told to stand with their feet together, arms dropped, listening to the instructions. Next, they must follow those instructions and raise one leg or the other a few inches off the ground, pointing the toes out, leg level. As they look at their raised leg, they must count slowly from one to thirty seconds. Two of the following behaviors will cause the person to fail the test: swaying while balancing, using an arm for balance, hopping around or putting the outstretched foot down.

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